Frequently Asked Questions

Are Real Money Online Casinos Legal in New Zealand?

All forms of gambling in New Zealand are highly regulated, including online gambling. It is perfectly legal for anyone in New Zealand to engage in online gambling as long as the operator is based remotely in a different country. While the online casino must be based outside of New Zealand, it is perfectly fine for New Zealanders to access and play real money games at those very casinos online.

How Long Does it Take to Process Withdrawals?

There are no steadfast rules for processing times when it comes to withdrawing from an account but it’s safe to say on average most withdrawals through popular payment methods will take around 3-5 days. Many casino sites pride themselves on quick processing times and can do it in less than 2 days but others struggle and need up to 7 days of processing. Be sure to check our reviews if fast payouts are important to you.

How Much Can You Withdraw at One Time?

Limits on the amount a player can withdraw vary from casino to casino. Sometimes casinos are limited to certain amounts per day but if you're playing with large numbers be sure to check the respective casinos withdrawal policy. Some limits only apply weekly or monthly and reach much higher totals but it does depend on the individual casinos rules.

What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus essentially means that you’re given free spins, or playable funds without the need to deposit first. Their purpose is to lure players in to get a taste for their casino, and hopefully some of them stick around and deposit real money at some point. Typically these no deposit bonuses have pretty extensive restrictions about withdrawal, so it’s unlikely you’ll get the money you may win back out of the casino.

Can I play casino games for free?

The majority of casinos will offer a free service with “fake money” before you deposit. Some of these casinos won’t even need you to register!

Do high rollers get special VIP packages?

Not always, but some casinos do. You might find tiered VIP programmes with special benefits for loyal players who are known for spending big. Perks can include matching deposits with high limits, access to premium support, cashback, and birthday bonuses.

How often do you update your site?

We update our offers constantly. We have a team of experts scouring the market to ensure we cover the top bonuses and best casinos. Rest assured that Casino Picker will have the best deals available!

What does ‘RTP’ mean?

Returns to players (or RTP) means the theoretical payout of individual games, usually based on an extended period of play.

How can I maximise my chances of winning?

First of all, remember that online casinos are supposed to be fun, and you should never wager more than you can afford to lose. But if you are looking to maximise your chance of a payout, consider high RTP slots, generous welcome bonus offers with low wagering, and a regulated casino that you can trust with your funds.

How can I get help for problem gambling?

The Problem Gambling Foundation offers support and advice for anyone who believes they’re affected by problem gambling or think they may have an addiction.

What is a ‘progressive slot’?

Progressive slots feature jackpots that grow larger over time. There is a shared pool of jackpot funds, and each time someone wagers on the slot, the jackpot grows. Eventually, the slot will be paid out – and one lucky player will scoop the lot.

Which casino software is best?

Each provider has their own gaming mechanisms, and each provider also has their own flagship titles. It really is up to personal taste to decide which software is the best, so it may be worthwhile sampling the mechanics of a variety of providers to understand what features they offer. We have a section on this site dedicated to NetEnt, Microgaming & more.

What is a beginners guide?

A beginners guide starts just how it sounds. A few bits of basic information to get you from not even knowing what Blackjack is, to being able to play the game without needing constant help. The next part of the beginners guide is answering a few beginner/intermediate questions to get you to the next stage which is being able to have some influence over some of the table games like Blackjack or Baccarat so that you can swing the result in your favour from time to time. And the last part of the beginners guide is to give you a better picture of the game as a whole. Hopefully this gives you a better sight of what you're in for and what to expect the longer you play.

Which guides are worth reading?

Of course here at Casino Picker we're going to say all of them! But the truth is we would suggest only reading the guides for the games you are interested in playing and think you could do with knowing more about for a better chance at winning. Obviously if you are playing a game for the first time or don't know too much about a game you want to play then the guide is a great place to start before you get going.

Which casinos are better for beginners?

Whilst there aren't any casinos we recommend entirely for beginners there are certain casino choices we recommend depending what type of game you actually want to play. Because of software, pay outs and casino themes what this means is that there are casinos that focus more on some games than others and depending on what game you want to play depends on what casino we recommend you play at to get the most out of everything from your free bonus to your pay out options.

What games do we recommend?

Here at Casino Picker we have a range of game options for you to choose from. From Pokies and Blackjack to Live dealers and Virtual games, you can choose from a range of options at many of our trusted casino partners.

What games have the best payouts?

This depends on the game and the casino you choose. In theory Blackjack has the highest payout percentage. However this depends entirely on how you play the game. Blackjack gets the lime light as it's one of the games you have the most affect over. So a good choice if you fancy your chances.

What games offer the best bonuses?

The bonuses are dependant on which casino you choose more than which games. Some games have specific bonuses such as free spins or loyalty points however the main bonus in terms of matching or exceeding deposit amounts comes from which casino house you decide to play at. We have multiple top casinos we recommend you can find on our homepage here.

What are mobile friendly casinos?

Mobile friendly is exactly as it sounds. We comb through the casinos we're reviewing to see how their mobile platforms interact with players and if their casino can handle being used on mobile. In a mobile first world it's now not optional to be mobile friendly and so we only recommend the casinos that are keeping up with the times.

Why play on mobile?

A mobile first world means that instead of logging on to a desktop to play many of the casino games available today there are lots of players who only want to access casino games from the ease of their hand held phone or tablet. This makes for a more personal experience, not to mention the fact with a good enough internet connection this can be done from almost anywhere.

Which casinos are best to play on mobile?

As you can see from the list at the top of this page we have some of the top online mobile casino options for you to choose from. They are all trusted and reviewed by us so if you're looking for a mobile friendly casino then just take your pick.

Does it matter what banking option I choose?

Your deposit and withdrawal options vary between casinos however what we suggest is to choose the option you prefer to work with that best matches the options your choice of casino can match. Therefore if you're most comfortable using Paypal for example because of their well known trust and high security then there are many casino options available that will accept your deposit through Paypal. You can find our top choices on the relevant banking pages.

What if I can't find the deposit/withdrawal method I want?

Usually the most trusted and popular casinos will have a range of options but in rare cases where you cannot find the banking options you're looking for I would suggest testing out another trusted method. Online payment processors that have been around for a long time such as Paypal, NETELLER or Skrill are widely used and accepted by both banks and casinos. Alternatively you can make direct deposits using debit/credit cards.

What's the fastest banking option?

This will greatly depend on the casinos. As trust and security are high on the list when it comes to financial transactions online with casinos, banks and payment processors what this means is individual casinos trust different entities to carry out their deposits and withdrawals. The best option is to speak to their chat for a more detailed casino specific answer. Alternatively we have a list of casinos that process fast withdrawals on our fast withdrawals page here

What's the safest deposit and withdrawal method?

Unfortunately as important as this question is it's a very hard one to answer as it depends on so many factors. Here at Casino Picker when playing at casinos ourselves we generally use Paypal. With added layers of security and with so many casinos using Paypal on a daily basis it means they are highly trusted from both sides of the table. Check out our Paypal recommended Casino banking options by clicking here

What software do casinos use?

Many casinos use the same software providers as the ones that are top of their game want to provide the best technology to as many casinos as they can. Which is why many of the trusted casinos we recommend share the same software and therefore many of the same games. You can search this on the casino homepages as they want to boost they use the latest software.

Why is software important?

The better the software the better your gaming experience the more likely you are to keep playing and come back. It's as simple as that. The better games they can provide the more fun you're likely to have and the more popular they get. Especially when it comes to mobile gaming, having the best software means even on weak internet connections the player still has a great experience.

What software do we recommend?

This all depends what games you want to play. As you can see many of the casinos we recommend share the same games and software so we have our software pages where we can explain and show in more detail which casinos we recommend that use particular types of software you may be searching for. So whether you want games that use Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, NetEnt or Wazdan for example. We have recommendations for your ever need.

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