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Now let's talk about the fun stuff! Progressive jackpots! In case you've never heard of progressive jackpots, what's involved is every time anyone in the world plays that game for real money, the losses keep adding to the jackpot total. So that when that lucky person spins that jackpot win they have the potential to win the entire jackpot built up over all those losses from other players, sometimes totalling millions!

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Jackpot Games

What progressive jackpots actually mean is that many of the pokies that run jackpots regularly have totals of 7 or even 8 figures available to be won! Millionaires and multimillionaires being made in a single spin. The thrill of that is incredible to think about!

Now you will be able to play at some casinos in the jackpot section using your free spins as many of the casinos listed below will have dozens of games running progressive jackpots, however... you must be aware there may be wagering requirements if you win using a free spin.

This is why making a small deposit can sometimes work in your favour rather than using a free spin. But that's just a small tip so that you get the most out of your winnings.

Once again below we have a list of some of our favourite casinos currently offering the best progressive jackpot totals out there in the online casino world. Some of them well over NZ$10,000,000 able to be won by a single player!

If jackpot games are your thing you can always speak to us directly. Just email Paul, one of our founders at

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FAQ's about Casino Jackpots

What are jackpot games?

Jackpot games are certain games online casinos offer that give you the ability to have a shot at winning their maximum jackpot. This is their grand prize that usually keeps building every minute until some wins the total amount.

How much is the jackpot total?

This will depend on the casino as they all have their own individual jackpots, but it's very common for most casinos that offer a jackpot to have a prize pot of 7 or 8 figures. Our recommended casinos for jackpot games regularly bost jackpots totals of NZ$20,000,000 and more.

What games should I play if I want to win jackpots?

This is dependant on each casino however it is more than likely it will be pokies. With the thrill of the spin and the ability for the pot to grow bigger and bigger this makes pokies the best choice for a progressive jackpot.

Who has the biggest jackpot? and where should I play?

Our list above will show you the casinos we recommend for your Jackpot playing needs. In terms of who has the biggest this is always changing minute by minute and of course changes a lot if someone wins. So the only way to know is to choose the casino you like and take a look inside, it'll be on the homepage.

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